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Fifty ways to make food go further

Top tips for cutting food waste and saving money plus the chance to win £100 towards your weekly food shop in our prize quiz from 6 July 2018.

Does your weekly shop go off before you can eat it all? Do you cook too much and end up throwing half in your non-recycling bin? Or perhaps you get home from the supermarket to find you’ve bought items you already had in the cupboard? If so, we can help you.

Nearly 20% of the food we buy is wasted. That’s like throwing away one bag of shopping out of every 5 bought – costing the average household around £60 each month.

And there’s a further cost for getting rid of it. Around a third of the waste Derbyshire households throw in their non-recycling bin is food – around 63,000 tonnes – costing council tax-payers £6.3 million a year in disposal costs.

Take a look at our 50 ways to make food go further in our:

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