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Lucy's story

Lucy Shirtcliffe has been with us as a child protection social worker for three years.

"Hi, I'm Lucy Shirtcliffe, I’m a child protection social worker and I work in the north of Derbyshire.

"The main thing about social work is the challenge, every day is different. Some days you can have a quiet day and you’ll be able to get on top of the admin work you need to be doing, and then the phone will go and you could have a big crisis on your hands.

"I love working with children, and I’m also quite a resilient person, so I felt that there was a job that needed to be done, and actually I was the person that maybe could make a difference, and that’s really important to me.

"There are very complex families that we work with, and you've got an added difficulty that the families can be isolated, and it's the challenge of the job that I really enjoy. The problem solving, making sure that child is happy, is doing well, is achieving in school, is healthy and has a good standard of life.

"Ideally, that will be with their birth parents, that's what every day we are striving to do, to keep that child within their birth family. So when we can have a child protection plan, and we see that it works, and that child remains with the family, that's the best day at work ever."