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Weather update - Roads closed in the Peak District. Please see our latest snow update page for more information.

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Websites for readers

Try some of these sites for reading ideas, book news and reviews, and reading group recommendations.

Websites for readers
  • - lively and up to date reading choices with free opening chapters to download from this popular UK website. 
  • - recommended reads from a top American website. 
  • – another popular US site with reviews, online discussion and lots more.
  • - a great range of science fiction, fantasy and horror reviews.
  • - the definitive website for British and European black and Asian writers.
  • - a massive site featuring  crime, mystery , true crime and fantasy fiction.
  • - comprehensive guide to the current literary scene with news, features, blogs, kids books, reviews and other links.
  • - an alternative way to select books with reading suggestions to match your mood. 

You can also find lots more information about your favourite writers on individual publisher or author websites.