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Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board - engagement with the deaf community

Status: Closed

Opens: 31 July 2019 - Closes: 30 September 2019

What this consultation is about

The Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board (DSAB) works with organisations across Derbyshire to make sure there are policies and procedures in place, and everybody works together in the best possible way to protect adults from harm.

The DSAB has begun a project this year to try to better support deaf people and people who are hard of hearing to recognise when they, or someone they know, is at risk of harm or abuse, and where they can report this to and receive support.

There has been a number of articles in the national news about the lack of information available for deaf people and people who are hard of hearing in relation to harm and abuse, and we would like to make some improvements over the coming year.

We're working with the British Deaf Association (BDA), Communication Unlimited and the North East Derbyshire Deaf Forum on this piece of work, as well as our adult care safeguarding and deaf team, and we would very much like to involve people in the community who are deaf or hard of hearing.


We want to involve the community to help design the services and resources we offer in the future.

The DSAB would like to support deaf people across Derbyshire as much as possible in understanding the different types of abuse and how to report them, and how we can help.

We would like to ask a few questions to help us to understand how best we can support you.

We would like to collect feedback over the next 3 months and then we will use this information to help put together some videos, posters and leaflets, which we will share widely across Derbyshire.

We would also like to arrange some ‘How to keep yourself and others safe’ workshops to talk to people in more detail about abuse and safeguarding.

Your feedback on the proposals will help us with designing and planning the design of future resources and support.

Please complete the short online survey which will be open from July 2019 to let us know your views on these proposals.

How to take part

We are carrying out this consultation in the following ways:

  • Group discussion or workshop
  • Questionnaire - Online

Who is the consultation aimed at?

Which part of Derbyshire is this consultation aimed at?
  • All Derbyshire (excluding Derby City)
Generally, who is this consultation aimed at?
  • Service users
Specifically, who is this consultation aimed at?
  • Adults
  • People with sensory impairment

How will we let you know the results?

Feedback about this consultation will be available by the following methods:

  • Our website

Contact details


  • Project Manager
  • Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board