About the competitive tender process and commercial licence

If you would like to lease a plot you can apply through a process called a competitive tender. This is where all the interested businesses outline their business idea and tell us what they are willing to pay us per year to run their business from our country park or site. This is known as the bid.

The closing date for bids is 2pm on 1 February 2018.

We will consider all the bids we receive on the same day to make it fair to all bidders and decide which businesses we want to award leases based on factors such as the price they are willing to pay, meeting health and safety requirements and having the appropriate level of public liability insurance.

Commercial licence

All businesses need a licence before they can sell food and drink on our premises. We will grant licences to the successful bidders − subject to them meeting all the conditions.

A copy of the conditions will be included in the application pack.