Bramleymoor Lane

INEOS has submitted a planning application in May 2017 to explore shale gas reserves on privately-owned land off Bramleymoor Lane, between the villages of Apperknowle and Marsh Lane.

The site is located 0.5km to the south-west of Marsh Lane, near Eckington, in North East Derbyshire District. This proposal involves underground drilling and investigation but not the process of fracking.

View a map of the proposed drilling site (opens in a new window).

We held a public consultation about the proposals and we are currently considering the responses but you can still view and comment on the planning application (opens in a new window).

Latest information

In November 2017 INEOS announced it was "to ask the Planning Inspectorate to intervene in two planning applications" − including its current application for Bramleymoor Lane.

You can read INEOS' media release and our open letter in response which are attached to this page.

What happens next

We will continue its work to assess whether or not the proposed development is suitable for the location.

If INEOS' appeal to the Planning Inspectorate goes ahead, our planning committee will not be able to decide on the proposal but can still express a view on it for the Planning Inspector to consider.

No date has been set for the planning committee meeting to consider the proposal. We'll advertise the date as soon as we have the details.

Extra information

INEOS has provided extra information about its proposals on the following topics:

  • noise
  • hedgerows
  • wildlife
  • archaeology
  • landscape

You can read the extra information and comment on our planning application page (opens in a new window).

Look out for the following documents:

  • application document add info reps
  • application document add info noise response (there are two documents with this title)
  • application document sup-noise management plan
  • application document add info
  • application document add info plan - access for B6056
  • application document add info DWT

Background information

In February 2017, we decided an environmental impact assessment was not needed for this proposal. In June 2017, a Government minister gave a direction which came to the same conclusion.

INEOS may or may not decide to apply for planning permission to carry out further investigations at the site in the future. An assessment may be needed if INEOS decides to apply for any other planning permission.

Find out more in our media release.

Pre-application information we received from INEOS about the Bramleymoor Lane site is attached to this page along with our detailed decision on the environmental impact assessment and the Government minister's direction. Read more information relating to the planning application (opens in a new window).

You can also read about the planning process.

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