Warning from trading standards about unhealthy shakes

9 January 2018

Drinks being sold in Derbyshire have been found to contain almost an entire day's worth of calories − and more than the recommended daily amounts of sugar and saturated fat.

Residents are being advised to limit the number of 'freak shakes' they consume after our survey revealed the very high levels of calories, sugar and saturated fat.

Freak shakes are milkshakes topped with a selection of things like waffles, whipped cream, shortbread, muffins, doughnuts, sprinkles and sauce, with extras like gingerbread or éclairs on the side.

The examples looked at by our trading standards officers contained between 474 calories and 1,730 calories per 'drink'.

The recommended daily intake for men is about 2,500 calories, 2,000 for women, and lower for children, depending on age, gender and how active they are.

Officers analysed samples from the freak shakes and found some of them contained between 14 and 44 teaspoons of sugar per serving.

Government guidelines state adults should have no more than seven and a half teaspoons of sugar per day, children aged seven to 10-years-old six teaspoons and children aged four to six-years-old almost five teaspoons.

The shakes were also found to contain between 9g and 47g of saturated fat per serving. Most had more than 18g.

The Government recommends that men should not have more than 30g saturated fat per day, women 20g and children should have less than that, though no figure is specified.

Our Cabinet Member for Health and Communities Councillor Carol Hart said:

"Our aim is to raise awareness of food content so consumers are confident they know what they're buying. These drinks contain more calories than some meals, with some of them having a full day's quota. All of them contain more sugar than is recommended per day. Most had more saturated fat than is advised.

"We are not saying people should never consume these freak shakes but it is important that they are aware of how much saturated fat and sugar they contain so that they can make an informed choice."

Freak shakes are sometimes also known as cake shakes, dream shakes, and super shakes.

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