More details on Marsh Lane planning application

28 November 2017

There's still time for people to have their say on extra information provided to us by oil and chemical firm INEOS about its proposals to explore shale gas reserves on a site in North Derbyshire.

The information relates to a planning application submitted by INEOS requesting permission to erect a drilling rig up to 60 metres tall off Bramleymoor Lane, between Marsh Lane and Apperknowle, near Eckington.

INEOS wants to drill around 2,400 metres below ground to investigate the suitability of the rock for 'fracking' − the process of injecting water and chemicals at high pressure into rocks deep underground to create tiny cracks so shale gas can flow up a well to the surface and be collected.

INEOS has provided extra information about its proposals on the following topics:

  • noise
  • hedgerows
  • wildlife
  • archaeology
  • landscape

Read more about the information submitted by INEOS.

You can still view and comment on the planning application (opens in a new window). Anyone wishing to comment on the extra details can do so online by 7 December 2017.