Buyers urged to check broadband access on newly built homes

20 November 2017

We're urging house-buyers looking for a newly built property to check whether they will be able to access fibre broadband in their new home and at what speed.

A new agreement between Openreach, national Government and the Home Builders Federation means new housing developments of 30 properties or more are eligible to get fibre broadband infrastructure installed for free by Openreach − but only if the housing developer registers to receive the service.

Our Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, Councillor Simon Spencer said:

"Fibre broadband is no longer a nice to have − it's a necessity for everyday life for most of us. So it's understandable that people buying a newly built property expect to have access to decent broadband as standard just like other utilities such as gas, electricity and water.

"This agreement between Openreach, the UK Government and the Home Builders Federation is great news. But it's a good time to remind house builders and buyers that the responsibility for providing broadband access in new properties lies with housing developers.

"We'd urge anyone people buying a new property to talk to their developer first to find out whether fibre broadband will be provided and what kind of speeds they can expect."

The agreement with Openreach supports our Digital Derbyshire partnership with BT to make sure homes and businesses across Derbyshire get full broadband coverage.

By the end of 2018, Digital Derbyshire aims to have delivered better, faster broadband to 108,000 properties.

Funding for Digital Derbyshire was agreed in 2014 and so properties built after this date are not included in the current roll out plans.