Win cash for your old electricals

Louise Bradley, Waste Development Officer and Dan Rose, Recycling Adviser giving out golden tickets

19 December 2017

Have you got any old, broken or unwanted electricals? Dig them out and take them to one of our household waste recycling centres in the new year for your chance to win one of fifteen £100 cash prizes.

From hair dryers to hedge-trimmers, fairy lights to fridges and toasters to TVs, there's a wide range of household appliances you can take to the recycling centres. And from 2 January, you can exchange them for a golden ticket - which means you could be quids in.

Simply ask for your golden ticket from a member of staff at any of the nine recycling centres, use your unique ticket number to enter our competition and find out if you're an instant winner. The more items you recycle, the more tickets you'll get.

Councillor Simon Spencer, our cabinet member for highways, transport and infrastructure, said:

"This is a great way of putting unwanted electricals to good use − with the added bonus of a chance to win £100.

"It's a shocking fact that across the UK we throw away more than a quarter of the electrical items we buy instead of recycling them.

"We spend £20 million a year dealing with waste in Derbyshire which residents choose not to recycle.

"But if every Derbyshire household took just one electrical item to one of our recycling centres in January we could recycle an additional 333,000 appliances, saving not only tax-payers' cash but also the precious metals and other valuable materials they contain."

The competition prizes are being funded by Advantage Waste Brokers who is the contractor that works on our behalf to collect and recycle electrical items taken to its recycling centres.

Electrical goods can be exchanged for a golden ticket at the following recycling centres:

  • Ashbourne (Mayfield Road)
  • Bolsover (Buttermilk Lane)
  • Buxton (Waterswallows Road)
  • Glossop (Melandra Road)
  • Ilkeston (Manners Avenue Industrial Estate)
  • Loscoe (Heanor)
  • Newhall (Swadlincote)
  • Northwood (Darley Dale)
  • Stonegravels (Chesterfield)

All electrical appliances are accepted including:

  • coffee makers
  • electric toothbrushes
  • electric garden equipment
  • fairy lights
  • fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers
  • game consoles
  • irons
  • kettles
  • lamps
  • laptops, tablets and PCs
  • microwaves
  • music systems
  • phones
  • power tools
  • printers
  • radios
  • sat navs
  • shavers
  • slow cookers
  • straighteners and hair dryers
  • washers and dryers
  • vacuums

Find out about locations, opening times and view a full list of the other items you can take to our recycling centres.

Please make sure all personal data has been removed from items such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets before you take them to a recycling centre.