Time Swap Scheme exchanges 1,000th hour

18 December 2017

Members of our popular Time Swap scheme are celebrating after swapping more than 1,000 hours of time and skills.

Time Swap was set up to allow local people to help each other by swapping time and talents.

Members can 'earn' time by doing things they're good at for other people. Time earned can then be spent getting help from others for things they might find difficult or new things they want to learn.

The scheme has helped to organise a wide variety of swaps which can include anything from teaching someone how to play the guitar, to helping someone trim a hedge, to walking someone's dog for them.

Time Swap's 1,000th hour was swapped by Brenda Green from Ilkeston, who said the scheme helps to keep loneliness away as well as getting little things around the house done.

She added:

"Time Swap is brilliant. It's brought me alive, it's made me some friends - there's always someone there I can talk to or ask for help.

"It's really helped me. I've got a Jack Russell Called Pip and I need to take him out, but I can't go far. That's not fair on the dog so another Time Swap member, Tim, has been round to walk him for me.

"David has helped with some DIY, putting up two shelves in the summer house and I've also had help with using my email. In return, I've joined a group of active knitters in Ilkeston and help teach people who want to learn.

"I'd say to anyone else they should join, it would change their life. You make yourself some friends and if you need help, it'll always be there".

Our Cabinet Member for Health and Communities Councillor Carol Hart said:

"Time Swap is a great idea and perfect for people who want to save a bit of cash, make new friends and be an active part of their community.

"It's no surprise that we've clocked up such impressive numbers as the scheme is extremely popular − and I'm sure it'll only get bigger with time.

"And it's not just about the hours swapped, it's about the friendships and connections made across the county − it really brings people together."

Our Time Swap team run regular drop-in sessions around Derbyshire so that people have the chance to check out the scheme for themselves.

Find out times and locations of Time Swap drop-ins or tel: 01629 532049.

Time Swap is completely free to join and participate in − the only currency is time. All new members receive an hour of time when joining for free to help get the ball rolling. 

Being a member will not affect your tax position in any way or your entitlement to any benefits you may be receiving.

Find out more about the Time Swap scheme and fill in an application form or tel: 01629 532049.