Proxy vote

A proxy is someone who you nominate to vote on your behalf and a request for an emergency proxy vote can be made to your district or borough council.

Reasons you may want to apply for a proxy vote:

  • If you have a permanent physical incapacity, are registered blind or receive the higher rate of mobility component of the disability living allowance for a physical disability you are eligible for a permanent postal or proxy vote. The form requires the declaration that the information is correct from a doctor, nurse or warden of a home.
  • If your work frequently takes you overseas
  • If you will be on holiday when the election is taking place
  • If you have moved house since you registered and are unable to go to your old polling station.
  • If you are working during all hours of voting, for example as a member of the election staff.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for a proxy vote you must do so with your district or borough .